Would You Like a Program?

My friend Tom would probably kill me if he knew I was posting this. (Read: All the more reason to post it!). But he’s the kind of person everyone needs in their life–the friend that makes you laugh so hard you fear you might really pee your pants.

He sent this to me today attached to a review of Johnathan Bates’ Soul of the Age–A Biography of the Mind of William Shakespeare :

“I thought about you when I read the following book review yesterday…didn’t you say you were an English major like me? I’m more of a 18th-19thcentury poet fan (Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth), but I’ve dipped my feet in the Shakespeare pool before. I used to be an usher at the old stage in the Folger Library before they built the new fancy one. I did it so I could see plays for free. I’d take girls there on dates to see a play, and then surprise them with the fact that they had to hand out programs for the first fifteen minutes…and we usually couldn’t sit together. Oh…the things we could get away with when we were young and brash!”

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