Saran Wrap Hygiene

 Am I the only one,  or is anyone else, completely freaked out by the saran wrap toilet covers they have in airports?  (for the urinalized men in the group, I’m referring to plastic seat covers that refresh with a push of a button).

First and foremost, any southern girl knows you don’t sit on a public toilet seat.  It’s a no-no bigger than white shoes before Easter and velvet after Valentines Day.  Your mother had you in gymnastics before you were potty-trained just so this would never be an issue.  You can balance on one foot for five minutes, or hang from the purse hook…it doesn’t matter.  You don’t sit on the seat.

So one would wonder why this invention was even necessary.  After all, didn’t they make the disposable paper covers for those with less-fortunate upbringings (in all fairness, I do realize not everyone can do a chinese split between the toilet paper dispenser and the metal sanitary disposal box)?  And if we’ve really gotten so lazy that we can’t use the paper ones, what’s the chance we’re going to lean over and push the magic red button for the rotating plastic?

But more importantly, once you do press the button, where does the plastic go?

When I was a kid I refused to drink out of a water fountain because I believed the water cycled continuously.  (I’m still a little suspicious).  There was no way I was drinking after Rita.  I still remember, with horror,  the roast beef story she told on the back of the bus.

So you can only imagine my hesitation over this plastic wrap contraption.  Is it just me?

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  1. Erin says:

    Seriously?? I have NEVER seen such a thing… but I try to completely avoid public restrooms as much as absolutely possible!!! Good thing truck driving trained my bladder to hold it for days 😉 That is creepy. And I have always thought the same thing about water fountains!!! That is too funny!!

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