R.I.P. Uncle Jesse

You made a mean omelet in your day.

I started this post over the weekend and out of sheer laziness left it hanging until now. My apologies.
In the world of Kevin Bacon, the good Senator from North Carolina was but a degree removed from my life. His nephew lived across the hall from me in college and his brother adopted my cat, Mouse, when dirty kitty litter boxes became more than I could handle. Long before I roamed the halls of the Russell Building and hitched a ride with him on the Senators Only elevator…

Uncle Jesse, as I knew him, was a gentleman before he was a politician…and a gentleman after. May he rest in peace knowing he fought the good fight.

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How Very Noble

There’s an article in the online version of Time magazine today about a secret plot to blow up the Edwards campaign (thanks to those nasty little rumors of an affair) had victory appeared certain.

First of all, who cares? John Edwards hasn’t been a Presidential candidate for months.

But really…how stupid do they think we are? In the name of the Democratic Party they couldn’t support a man who had been unfaithful…(nevermind JFK and Clinton) No, they couldn’t support him as the nominee…but they could continue to collect a paycheck until that possibility played out.

Don’t you just love people with principles?

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Quote of the Day

Referencing Arlen Specter’s exit from the Republican Party.

“My mother used to say “If you’re getting run out of town, get in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade.”” L.M.P.

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