And the Winner Is…


Yes, Virginia, it is possible to waste $2.5 Million in 30 seconds or less.  Just ask the Census Bureau.  The sad thing is…that $2.5 Million doesn’t include production costs.

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Crossing Over the Line

 I am rarely shocked by political goings-on, but Barney Frank’s black listing of a former staffer is beyond appalling in my book.  The one year moratorium is understandable–and it’s the law.  But this is a step too far.  Read the quote:

“Several people have expressed criticism of the move by Peter Roberson from the staff of the Financial Services Committee to ICE, after he worked on the legislation relevant to derivatives. I completely agree with that criticism. When Mr. Roberson was hired, it never occurred to me that he would jump so quickly from the Committee staff to an industry that was being affected by the Committee’s legislation. When he called me to tell me that he was in conversations with them, I told him that I was disappointed and that I insisted that he take no further action as a member of the Committee staff. I then called the Staff Director and instructed her to remove him from the payroll and provide him only such compensation as is already owed.

Stories about this correctly noted that there is a one year ban on his interaction with members of the Committee staff, but I do not think that is adequate. I am therefore instructing the staff of the Financial Services Committee to have no contact whatsoever with Mr. Roberson on any matters involving financial regulation for as long as I am in charge of that Committee staff. Fortunately, examples of staff members doing what Mr. Roberson has done are rare, but even one example is far too much and that is why I wanted to make clear I share the unhappiness of people at this, and my intention to prohibit any contact between him and members of the staff for as long as I have any control over the matter.”

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Why Your Vote Matters


Meet Congressman Hank Johnson.  He represents Georgia’s 4th Congressional District.  106,352 people voted for him.

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