There is one thing I will never understand.  I don’t care how many experts say it’s possible or how many women claim to have had the experience in the checkout line at Wal-Mart (and, for some reason, this does seem to happen at Wal-Mart more than most places)…

How can a woman waddle around for nine months with a baby in tow and NEVER know it?  For the love of God…you’d think you’d have some sort of clue before the cleanup in aisle 4.

I’m commenting on this because there was a story in one of the British papers yesterday about a girl who went out for a night on the town with her girlfriends, dressed like a bumblebee (and no, that’s not my commentary, she was really dressed like a bumblebee), went home at the end of the night and, lo and behold, popped out an unexpected little pollinator!  Hello 20 year hangover!  I’ve had a bad night before…but never quite that bad.

I get that some women don’t have normal cycles (rest easy male readers, I’m not going any further than that)…but all women have boobs and no matter how much we pray to the man upstairs to enhance them, it ain’t happening without Dr. 90210 or SAY IT ISN’T SO, a B-A-B-Y!  So, if one day you see me out sporting DD’s and I start talking all manna from heaven and I must be a late bloomer nonsense, do me a favor:  Dress me up like a bumblebee and send me to Wal-mart.  At least I can do some last minute shopping while I’m there.

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