Finally! Someone Gets It.

Well said, Dan. Well said.

“Privacy” is the name of Tiger’s 200-foot yacht, which just goes to prove yet again that you can’t make up in fiction the funny things that actually happen in sports. His Wednesday statement on about this being an invasion on his privacy was vastly more interesting than his admission to “transgressions” — it is just about the first stand he has ever taken, on anything — but pleas for compassion and reason are usually drowned out by the noise that surrounds “Gotcha!”

The media and masses love hypocrisy — cops behaving badly, priests committing sins against God, politicians contradicting their platforms, humans being human — so too many of us will rationalize away our judgmental behavior now by calling him a fraud, cheater, liar and hypocrite and filing it under a public’s right to know, as if a public’s right to know about a guy who hits a golf ball somehow trumps an individual’s right to privacy in a free America.

But here’s where that falls apart: Woods never sold you family values; what he did was start a family. And then he took all his opinions and went on hid on his appropriately-named yacht. He didn’t build that image for himself. We did. His world has never been a whole lot larger than that golf ball. He might have lied to his wife, but he certainly never lied to you. If you bought him as packaged perfection, the only one lying to you was you. His commercials? That’s him selling us purity? No, it isn’t. That’s him selling us razors.

Dan Le Batard–Miami Herald

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